» » The «Comfort» Package

The «Comfort» Package

The package of services «Comfort» from Canada Mama Consulting includes the entire range of necessary services for the organization of birth in Canada. This includes the maximum range of services to provide you with the most comfortable conditions at all stages (from flight, preparation for the expecting mother, medical care, as well as the period of rehabilitation and treatment).

The difference from the standard package, «Comfort», is to accompany the client with a fill concierge service. This package includes everything from a personal translator on visits to the clinic, assisting specialists in choosing items for the newborn, to delivering purchases, medication, and groceries to your home in Canada.

Services Include

Medical Services

Medical Services

  • Delivery in the VIP room in the presence of a medical translator (from the moment of admission to the hospital and 2 hours after delivery)
  • Driver for an emergency trip to the hospital for childbirth (any time of the day)
  • Anesthesia (epidural for natural birth and spinal for cesarean section)
Document Services

Document Services

  • Registration of the Canadian birth certificate and passport for the child
  • Help with paperwork in the current country of residence of parents
Consulting Services

Consulting Services

  • Consulting support and preparation for arrival in Canada
  • Assistance in choosing a doctor and hospital (doctor's payment and hospital stay during the day)
  • Help in choosing and buying the necessary items for the newborn
Administration Services

Administration Services

  • Organization of airport transfers
  • Registration with a pediatrician
  • Selection of housing for rent by a licensed realtor, assistance in signing a contract and settlement
  • Choosing a car for rent and the necessary paperwork
  • Providing a personal translation for assisting with personal errands
  • Transfer and escort of an interpreter for all visits to the obstetrician-gynecologist (in case the doctor is only English speaking)
  • 50 hours of a delegated personal translator and assistant
  • Assistance with selecting staff for housekeeping such as cleaning or cooking (on request)
  • Transfer and escort for pre-registration and tour of the hospital
  • Transfer and escort with an interpreter for all visits to the obstetrician-gynecologist (in case the doctor is English speaking)
  • Purchase and delivery of products, medicines, children's things to your home
  • Full concierge service: shopping advice for the whole family, travel arrangements in Canada, booking and buying tickets for excursions, etc.

The cost of the «Comfort package» is $22900

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